Corporate Bonding

Attendee Gets out of Hand

My girlfriend recently dragged me to an event showcasing the work of local artists. I’m not much of an art fan, but I didn’t mind so much because she wanted to go.

Anyway, most of the attendees were of the younger crowd, but there was this older gentleman in a suit and sunglasses that seemed to have the exhibition staff worried. The odd white gloves he was wearing didn’t help matters. Maybe he came across as a thief to the staff, who knows.

Whatever it was, some of the staff members were sort of hovering around the man as if he was about to do something, and he was clearly very upset about it. After a few minutes he started screaming and asking where their manager was. My girlfriend and I had our fill of art at this point, so we just bailed.

The Aroma of Forgetfulness

Grandma’s memory returned in a flash as 2 year old Sterling’s little hands froze in mid-air. All construction in the sandbox was shutdown as grandma lifted the screaming child and headed for the bath tub.

The smells of Mr. Bubbles soon permeated the air and Sterling was happy again splashing after the bubbles. “Them cats…always into something”, grandma muttered as she scrubbed up her adorable, but stinky grandson.

It had been about two weeks since they had played in the sandbox and that’s how long it had been left uncovered. Grandpa would have to make a trip over to the silica sand suppliers for a fresh batch of sand.

Grandma put a large handwritten note on the fridge; remember to cover up the sandbox! The aroma of forgetfulness is sometimes stinky, but just like footprints at the water’s edge, soon forgotten.

Shipping day!

As the owner of my own sales company, I spend a great deal of time shipping out products, which can be both costly and frustrating for me (I make candles and scent-centered products, so time spent packing and shipping my orders can be better spent creating new items to sell!). As such, I wanted to find a more efficient solution for my needs, and I decided to explore the option of contract packing after I saw a friend of mine using a service she’d found online to ship and sell her exotic handmade wigs. Finding this service has definitely been a godsend for me for sure! I am now free to send out more items at a time, and I can rely on the service to package my orders so that they are not damaged in shipping, ensuring reliable delivery and happy customers who will order from me again. That’s a win-win for me!

The Never Ending Day

I am definitely one of those people who tries to put too much on their plate. I am always telling myself to slow down and say no to the thing that are not important. However, I never manage to do that. It seems like I am always on the go 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yesterday was a day that seemed like it would never come to an end. I had to go to work, pick up my clothes from the laundry mat and take my daughters to soccer practice. After that, I had to go by the store and purchase a media filtration water treatment. I did not even get a chance to sit down when I got home. I had to make dinner for the husband and kids. My day started at 6:00 A.M. and did not end until 11:00 P.M.

The Good Wife

My husband’s talent of building beautiful outdoor furniture could be the bridge, that takes us financially, into a secure retirement. He painstakingly builds one piece at a time. Surely, there has to be a way to increase production, even as a one man team. My constant nagging doesn’t encourage him in the least bit.

In today’s economy, too many older adults are having to nurture their talents, into a family business to make ends meet. The new future, for any family is created out of mini talents that grow into businesses, that bring in an income. This helps to bridge the gap in financial needs.

Our smart choices to secure our family furniture business may require a cheap seo company. Any good wife would like to be called the inspiration of a talented husband. It may be up to me, “The Good Wife” to suggest this instead of nagging.

We Learn Something New Every Day

So I decided to pick up a new hobby. I’ve always loved how aquariums look, I find them to be calming. So I had decided building an aquarium from start to finish was going to be my next project.

The first thing I did was pop into my local Tropical Fish retailer, poke around and ask questions. The first thing the employee went over with me were the types of sands available. The first one he listed was silica sand. Well being the ditz that I am I said, “isn’t that what comes with your new shoes? I have lots of those in my closet!” Turns out that is silica gel which is a drying agent. Its a good thing I said that because if I used it I would’ve killed my fish before they had a chance. The employees had a good laugh at my expense on that one!

Sandblasting In An Environmentally Friendly Way

I work in industrial cleaning. That’s not just using a mop and bucket, that’s removing all-weather paint off of concrete, and removing rust off of steel. One of the best things to happen in my line of work is using recycled glass media as an abrasive agent.

First, the stuff is environmentally friendly. It’s made from glass bottles that have been pulverized to powder. This takes less energy than melting it down and re-casting it. It’s also easier on us – the amount of dust and particulates that come up are greatly reduced. Now I’m not going to say you can just breathe normally where this stuff’s being used – you still need a face mask and breathing filter – but there’s a lot less of it, and the particulate size is more regular, making it easier to filter out.

My boss likes it too – the stuff is flexible for wet or dry sandblasting, and it’s competitively priced per ton.

The Luxuries of Travel

I’ve been to many places in this world over my many years of travel. From London to Beijing, and Moscow to Pakistan, I have seen many beautiful countries and places. Every place and every country has its own story to tell, its own culture to breathe in for any weary traveler. On all my travels, I have stayed at various hotels, hostels, people’s homes, and in some very rare occasions in the streets. I have even camped out in the wilderness of Alaska. Every adventure had its high points but never have I had the luxury of staying in a hotel, better than the hotels in Dubai. My stay there made me feel as though I was a king. The hospitality is amazing, and the customer service out of this world. I felt very well rested on my way out and would go back in a heartbeat if I had to.